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What to Expect

When you arrive at Eagle's Landing you can expect to be greeted by someone from one of our many ministry teams.  Friendly greeters with a passion for helping newcomers are stationed at the doors every week.  

We invite you to dress as you wish when you come to Eagle's Landing.  We want you to be comfortable and ready to worship when you arrive. Our service is quite casual but very respectful of our Lord. 

Our Worship Music is a blended style with a mix of contemporary worship music as well as hymns & choruses sung in an upbeat style.  We have a full worship band with keyboard, piano, bass and rhythm guitars, drums and vocalists. 

Our pastor preaches directly from God's Word.  The Bible Scripture for the day is always printed in our weekly study notes.  These are available in our program and one of our Greeters will hand these to you as you enter the building.  Pastor David often preaches on topics of current concern and relevance.  Often his sermon preparation is done with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.  His teaching is always practical and we believe you will find it to be inspiring as well as helpful in your walk with Christ.

Our building is a 8200 sq. ft. facility that was completely remodeled several years ago.   We are located in a large strip mall and are now in our 3rd location since the church began.   For directions, please go to the tab marked TIMES AND LOCATION. 

We invite you to come and be our guest this Sunday!