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Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Someone has said, "Youth are the church of tomorrow."  While there is truth in this statement, at Eagle's Landing we teach that our youth are the church of today.  Every week we make a concerted effort to develop leaders in our youth group who will be strong disciples, missions-minded .... ready to lead their generation. 

Our youth have activities that allow them to grow spiritually and become a vital part of the church. It is our goal to help students have a place where they feel safe and accepted and can grow in their walk with Christ.

All students from all backgrounds and walks of life are accepted.  Some of the weekly activities we have are listed here:

Sunday morning Bible class  ..................................9:45 AM  A coed class taught by one of our 2 co-teachers.  (Temporarily suspended due to COVID)


If you need more information or have questions, please email us