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Submit a Prayer Request


Jesus said "My house shall be a house of prayer."  This statement was made by Christ at a time when the religious crowd was trying to turn His church into a business rather than a ministry.  Prayer is perhaps the most important work a church can do. At Eagle's Landing we have seen lives changed, individuals healed and families restored as a result of prayer.  On this site you will find the opportunity to submit your prayer requests.  You may leave your name or you may leave your request anonymously.  Either way, it will be our privilege to pray for you and the needs that you have.  Our members have acess to this information daily in order to stay in touch with these needs as well.   

There are two ways to submit your request: 

(1) PRIVATE REQUEST.  When you do this, only our Pastor and our prayer ministry leader will see these requests.

(2) PUBLIC REQUEST.  When you choose this option we will publish your request on the website for the public to view.  This opens the door for more people to pray for your request.  The choice is yours.

To submit a prayer request on the website you may do so by using the form below. We pray for these requests daily and it would be our privilege to lift these needs to the Father on your behalf.  

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