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In June of 2000 Eagle's Landing Baptist Church was formed.  We held our first gathering at a local funeral home in Port Richey.   Pastor David's first message was appropriately titled, "Burying the Past."  Six months later, in December of 2000, we moved to a new location on Ridge Road and then in 2008 we moved to our 3rd location to a larger facility also on Ridge Road. We continue to share the vision God has given us which states:

"Our vision is to enlarge the size of heaven by taking a many people as possible with us."

21 years later this vision still stands, but the vision has now been enlarged.  We have added a new mission statement that says, "Our Mission is to be Jesus to as many people as possible." At Eagle's Landing, you will find many opportunities to carry these statements make them come alive.  You will find purpose and meaningful relationships with Christ and other believers.  Catch the vision and join us this Sunday at 1o:30 AM at 6538 Ridge Road or on Facebook @eagleslandingchurch.  Starting April 4th, Easter Sunday we will offer two live worship services at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  Here is the schedule and details"

9:00 Worship.  For the hearing as well as deaf.  The service will be interpretd for anyone attending live or on FB @eagleslandingchurch

11:00 Worship.  For hearing only.  Childcare provided in our facility for botth services.