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FAQ Sheet

Eagle’s Landing FAQ Sheet

(1) Where is parking for guests? We have spacious parking available directly in front of our building. The parking lot is paved and allows for easy access to our facility.

(2) What do you have for my kids? Our ministry to kids is growing and includes weekly Bible study classes allowing kids to go through the entire Bible in a 3 year period and quality, loving childcare for 5 year olds and younger. Our pastor also gives a brief message for kids every week in our worship service.

(3) How do I join the church? Members of Eagle’s Landing have expressed their desire to receive Christ as their Savior and also their desire to become members. Every member of Eagle’s Landing has experienced baptism by immersion at some point in their life.

(4) How do I join a Bible study group? Bible study groups will bein later this year.  During COVID we are unable to meet.  We deeply regret this and will be very pleased when we are able to meet again.  

(5) What does Eagle’s Landing do that is unique? Something other churches are not doing? We feed the hungry by taking food directly to them. This happens at bus stops; areas where the homeless stay and in other places as well.  We also offer a dynamic ministry to the Deaf in our area. 

(6) What style of music do you use in worship? Eagle’s Landing has a truly blended style of worship that includes a variety of music led by our our Worship Leader along with our Worship Band. You will hear music from Contemporary Worship (including hymns in a contemporary arrangement) to familiar songs from the past as well as the newest songs from Christan radio. It is our desire that every worshipper will be lead through music into the presence of our Savior, Jesus.

(7) How can I get involved in ministry right away? Some of our ministry TEAMS allow regular attenders to get involved quickly. These include jobs like GREETING on Sunday mornings, facility MAINTENANCE, HOSPITALITY at church gatherings, PRAYER ministry and USHERING in our services.

(8) What denomination are you affiliated with? We are a Southern Baptist church. We cooperate with other Southern Baptist churches in the support of over 9,000 missionaries worldwide.

(9) How do I contact the church? Reach out to us at 727-845-9095 or at You can hear a sermon anytime by following us @eagleslandingchurch on facebook.

(10) What do you have for the Deaf? We have the largest ministry to the Deaf and in Pasco County. Currently our deaf meet at the Oasis coffee house.  For further information, please contact Denise at

Need more FAQS? Contact our pastor at He always responds within 24 hours.