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Ministry to the Deaf/Hearing Impaired

When Eagle's Landing began over 13 years ago, we began with a strong ministry to the Deaf.  We understand that the Deaf need a ministry tailored directly to their needs.  They cannot be expected to simply "blend in" with the hearing congregation.  Our deaf ministry is one of the strongest ministries we offer. 

When you arrive at Eagle's Landing you can expect to see other Deaf adults involved in Bible study and discipleship as well as ministry opportunities.  Here are some of our actvities that are available:

  • Sunday morning worship at 11:00 AM.  Every worship service is interpreted by one of our four trained interpreters.  The entire service is signed and a section is designated for the Deaf in every worship service.
  • Sunday morning Bible study class at 9:45 AM.  This Bible class is led by our pastor to the deaf, Richie Esposito.  Richie is an experienced Bible teacher with a great sense of humor and solid Bible knowledge.    
  • Discipleship and Fellowship groups meet at other times also and are available to anyone who wishes to attend.